Tuesday, August 17, 2010

palms sketch 

7" x 12" oil
this one is from the first open painting session I went to since being in LA.

gouache sketch

9" x 12"
a little plein air from  park in Culver city.

These last two are some 15 min poses I did at another open session in LA.  They have some sort of sky light so the lighting was quite different than what I have gotten used to in Seattle. The color was popping or it might have just been my mood at the time.  I'm not bitching but the poses are shorter than what I'm used to for painting.  I'll just have to adjust or break out the charcoal and pencils and actually draw next time.


=shane white= said...


Look who's painting with color now, fucker!

Love it...Joe. You were meant to be where the light shines all the time.

And the models aren't half-bad lookin' either. At least they're tan. :)


Tony Weinstock said...

Really nice brush strokes man.