Friday, February 01, 2008

10" x 12 oilWith so many color choices of paint out there, how many are just fools gold?

This is the first painting using my new choice of colors. I've been using the same base color palette for quite a long time. I've added and taken away colors for sure, but I always ended up roughly using the same ones. To understand color better and call attention to the mixing habits I've gotten over the years I decided to simplify.

I didn't want a palette so limited that you could tell . So I went for the biggest bang for the buck or the least amount of colors with maximum amount of range.

I could've just used one primary each but decided on a warm and cool of each primary, plus black and white.

My new choice of oil colors

Titanium White
Cad Yellow light
Cad Yellow Med
Cad Red Light
Quinacridone Red
Phthalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ivory Black

I don't know how long this little experiment will last, but I do know I will learn something. Hell I already miss my green.

Early morning Plein Air
11"x14" oil

This was sunday morning out in the industrial part of Seattle. I've been inspired to get up after checking out the Early Bird Painters Blog.
some really sweet stuff over there.