Wednesday, May 05, 2010

               Moving Sale!
Everything must go.

I have been living in Seattle since I was 18 and now it's time for a change. I'm moving from West Seattle to West LA. I'm hoping to be there by July.  Over the years many friends and admirers of my work have said how they would like to buy a painting of mine, well here is your big chance.  I'm moving without a job and I'm attempting to raise some cash to soften the blow. These prices are unreal!!

 I made a gallery here of some of the paintings with the prices.  Although all of my paintings at   my flicker page 
are for sale as well.
Don't see the price?,  then send me a email and I will let you know and if the painting is still available 
---Pricing does not include shipping----

If your in Seattle you can arrange to stop by and dig through my piles of paintings and I know some are not posted anywhere.  So help a brother out if your so inclined.  Again everything I have is for sale and the prices will never be this cheap again. You know you want a piece of Joe before he goes.