Sunday, February 08, 2009

Green Apples 30" x 40" oil


=shane white= said...

It's got a nice degree of whimsy to it, Joe.

Feels like an Alice in Wonderland or Snow White theme.


Alan said...

This is nice, how many sessions? How'd you decide on the composition? Who are you looking at these days? It'd be fun to see you do something a little more out of your comfort zone, but I really like it.

Joe Kresoja said...

Shane, that's what I was shooting for but alas I'm not happy with it. I had a great start then I killed the life out of it after that.

Alan, 2 session then finished with photos. As far the composition it was just a choice I made, wanted to get full back light and have the figure in the middle. the piece was more about the back lighting to me more than anything.

There's no one in particular I'm looking that needs to be mentioned that I can thing of.

Comfort zone!! heh, well we all do, I don't know a single artist that, that statement wouldn't stand.