Tuesday, April 22, 2008

16" x 20" oil


So the last 2 paintings I've posted are with the use of Cremnitz white. Its a different beast than Titanium. In the first painting I was in love with stuff, and this last one, well I chalk it up to not having a good painting night. You need so much of this stuff for a painting. You can go darker in valve very easy and get smooth edges like nobodies business. But you really have to use a lot of white and a lot less color paint for lighter valves.
I felt out of control with it on this painting. But that's me not the paint. It's fun using due to it making me think differently about mixing and applying paint. I'm excited to keep using it for a while, Who knows I might try putting both whites on the palette capitalizing on their strengths.


=shane white= said...

Ha...Aaron got you to go to the Dark Side of White.

Still turned out good, though.


Aaron Coberly said...

Yay Cremnitz!!!

Joe Kresoja said...

you dudes are funny.