Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have 2 funny little pieces in a group show at the Blvd art gallery. It's a group show titled Good verses Evil. Each artist does one painting for each. It was a quick fun thing to do.
check the link
the opening is Friday Dec 14th.

pie is good

gouache on paper

evil bitch

goauche on paper


KYMadan said...

i love love love these.
awesome joe.

geenpool said...

reow!! vury noice!!

plastic bandido said...

I'm torn between the two... I... I think I want to smoke some pie. Wait... eat smoke. No, wait... I'm cornfused.
In any case... pure awesomeness dude.

Joe Kresoja said...

thanks guys. =)
smoke some pie!! hahaha.

Shane White said...

WOW>>>>moremoremore...great direction JOE!!!


Ray Lederer said...

Hot Hot Hot!!! Wish I could make it to the show:(

Alan Rushing said...

These are kick ass dude, you should take some by Roq La Rue too. Congrats on the show! I hope the opening went well. :)

Memo Diaz said...

joe! These were hot fun up in the show...!I like the decadance of good but evil is sooooooooo inviting...;D