Sunday, April 22, 2007

8 x 10 oil

11 x 14 oil

Maybe because I performed so badly yesterday at figure drawing I got the extra juice to get out and paint. I bagged going this morning instead I went outside in the fresh air and painted. There was patch of real blue sky on and off and the sun would pop out then it would be swallowed again but another cloud. For the most part it was bright out, just not beaming with direct sun.


Shane White said...

Nice train. Love that background...

Me, I'll just have to be content watching from the sidelines.


Gronk said...

That train kicks. I love how the colors look so dead real when I take my glasses off, and it blurs together.

Anonymous said...

You rock.
The train is, well, just very trainish. And I love the backgound, contrasted with the tighter paint in the train.

Keep on my pal Joey.