Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another painting from the monday night 3 hour open painting session.
This last one was my first outdoor painting this year. It was overcast and ending up raining which pushed me to finish in a hurry. One thing that sucks about painting when it's overcast is that there are no hard shadows. Things tend to look very flat. All ambient light and I really never noticed this before I started painting outside years ago. Maybe thats why the great Northwest isn't known for it's outdoor Plein air painters like Souther Cali is, helps to have some sun.


Chandana said...

Damn that chick's got some 'tude. That's my laaaady!! Miss you already Monkey Joe but I know you gonna kick some serious ass. Enjoy!

Roland Mechael said...

beautiful paintings!

Joe Kresoja said...

Eka your the man! You where a blast to work with, who knows we might work together again, ah shit this would be the point a cheesy 70's love song starts to play.

Roland,, thanks man!